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More than 1000 Children have used my 5 Golden Keys method to unlock their musical potential

Say Goodbye to Traditional method...and Welcome Play Piano with Confidence

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Calling children who want to gain Confidence and Communication Skills through playing piano 

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  • You want your child to play piano CONFIDENTLY. 

  • Your child is shy and you want him/her to gain more confidence.

  • You want your child to enjoy playing many different songs and not just three EXAM SONGS.

  • You wish your child to learn piano with Easy Step by Step and Interactive Teaching Approach.

  • Our Confident And Happy Students Stories and You Can Be Part Of Us...

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    By Joining Our Class, You Will Discover These

    Secret # 1: How to play piano with confidence. 

    Secret # 2: How to read note easily without struggle.

    Secret # 3: How to learn piano faster.

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    Teach Me And I Remember.

    Involve Me And I Learn.

    Ancient Chinese Proverb


    I would like to invite you to come on a journey with me to Unlock the Confidence in Playing Piano in Your Child...

    Hi, My name is Sunny Tan!

    I 'm a graduate of Music Performance and Pedagogy with Masters degree at Baylor University, USA.  

    My brand story is to empower children  and Special Need Children to gain CONFIDENCE and Communication skills Through Playing Piano.

    I often feel that the biggest challenge in today society especially during pandemic, is our children become lack of confidence and communication skilss. 

    Seeing this, I am inspired to only providing the right program for children to gain confidence and communication skills through learning piano.

    I am also a mom to 14 years son.

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